Originally Posted 5/14/11

I am baby free!

Wait. Shouldn’t I be doing something fabulous? Drinking red wine on some patio while reading a novel on my iPad. Or getting my hair done and meeting friends for lunch. Perhaps taking a hike with my husband before we go out to a fantastic dinner.

Well, folks. That is just not the scene I have going on here. As is a theme lately, Chad is at work. I have cleaned this house pretty thoroughly (whens the last time you soaked and scrubbed those little plates under your stove burners?). I took a nap. Made some pasta. Now what?

I find that my life has settled into a little groove…and I like it best when my husband and littlest girl are grooving with me. When they are gone, my first thought is–sleep! But once that is done I find myself a little lost. Because, quite frankly, anything thing i think to do seems worth saving to do with Chad. I guess thats why I married him. I really do love him with my whole entire heart.

As far as Austen is concerned, it is nice to leave the house without packing 8374928734 things. And letting my mom change diapers for awhile doesn’t suck. But really, one day away is enough. Today she is one day closer to walking, running, growing up. Call me selfish, but i don’t like sharing her.

I am going to go force myself to do something I could only enjoy alone (unfortunately shopping is not an option. Damn you, budget.). Ideas?


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